Friday, 9 September 2011

NOW! learn spanish in Santiago de Chile as well.


I am currently living in Santiago de Chile.
I will be teaching from both countries so please if you are looking forward travelling to south america and you are visiting Santiago after o before La Paz, let me know if you are interested in having spanish lessons.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Give it a try!!!

This is a fun way of fighting agains Alzheimer

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

On Line Learning spanish

Online learning via SKYPE

It may sound crazy but actually is not!. 
It is cheaper than paying a private lesson in your home-country.
It is ecofriendly since you dont have to drive to get to the school.
It is convinient because ou can take it, at home or at work in between hours.

I have had student for 3 years now, actually i teach:
5 people in the states
3 people in canada
1 person in europe.
And I have had over 20 students on line 

How does it work

  1. Open a Skype account.
  2. Open a Pay Pal account.
  3. Send me a mail with your GMT and your availability.
  4. We set a time and a day and you can have your free trial lesson.
  5. Cost 10 USD the hour once a week, 9 USD the hour twice a week.
How do I learn

Is very simple, I will send you the pages of the book scanned, we will have a normal lesson even with a whiteboard if you feel confortable with it,

  • Advantages over a onsite method: it allows you to practice your comprehention better since it is like talking on the phone. It can use other resources on line. You can have the whole class recorded in your computer, chat, voice, whiteboard etc,etc.
Can I learn from scratch?

Yes you can, the more hours you make the better you learn, since you are nor living in a spanish speaking country it will normally take longer than living in one but I have had students in Honk kong that achived an intermediate level in 8 months from total beginners.

I speak spanish but I dont want to loose it

For people that know spanish but dont frecuently use it this is the best mothod ever, you sit once a week for an hour and you chat, laugh and learn some grammar, so you dont lose what you have studied so hard for.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Spanish Classes in La Paz

Learning Spanish in La Paz, Bolivia is a great experience because the city is friendly, safer than other cities in Latin America and moreover too crazy, too cool and too original to be true.
Located in the middle of mountains La Paz offers and inspiring ambience to learn, walk and party around from sunday to sunday.

As a private teacher I have found a great place located in the south part of the city, where you can enjoy a  confortable classroom, a nice cup of tea "trimate" and the certanty of having an Internationally certified Spanish teacher. Since I have invested both time and money to study to become a better teacher for you to learn better.

Price and material
Cost per hour 40 bs ( 5.60 usd). It doesnt matter if it is a person or a group maximun of 4 ( all with the same level).
Cost of material, none if you take more than 10 hours. If you take less ( 10 bs).

1. Calacoto ( the Prado of the south area of the city) 23rd street, very close to San Miguel ( down town city center).
2. Confortable and well decorated classroom, with all needed for learning.
3. Free internet access.
4. A computer for you to use.
5. Books in spanish that you can take.
6. Study area.

Spanish Programs
If you are looking to inmerse your self in the Bolivian culture I can help you find a volunteer placement, I also have material that you can use in the projects as well as guidence in certain matters since I am a psychologist.

  • Volunteer and Insternship programs
  • Homestay information.
  • Hostels information and disscounts.
  • Room in a shared appartment.
  • Family houses ( we can provide you with a list, recommended families).
  • Airport pick up (20 usd).
  • Help with your travelling plans.
  • A good hand of advice and a cup of coffee when you need it the most.
If you are interested in having classes with me do not hesitate to contact me at or leave a comment here I will get back to you inmediately.